Article Review


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1) Use very simple language.

2) Follow the ALL instructions carefully 100%.

3) Finish it on time.

4) Originality.

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*Red color instructions is written by me (Rava), where the black color instructions are written by the teacher.

Below is an assignment for “World Politics” class:


Choose an article related to world politics from an academic journal. The article should be about twenty pages long. *The_Idea, once you find an article you think is good, please tell me what it is BEFORE writing it, because the teacher should look at the article to see if it is suitable for to not. I need to get his opinion on the article before writing about it. So tell me (The title of the Article, the journal published the article and the name of author).

Then, once my teacher agrees on the article, I’ll let you know to:

Write a 1,500 word review of the article.

The review of the article you chose should include these sections:

1. Overview. This section should provide a brief overview of the content. The emphasis is on brief. Take no more than 200 words for this section.

2. Main argument. This section should outline the main argument made by the author. Take about 300 words for this section.

3. Theoretical framework. Does the author employ a specific theory? How does the theory inform the questions asked? About 300 words.

4. Assessment. Explain whether or not the author succeeded in make the argument. What was convincing, was was not. What shortcomings did you discern? What should have been added? This is the main part of the paper, take about 600 words.

5. Conclusion. Quickly sum up the paper. Would you recommend the article to other students? Why? 100 words.

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