Article Presentations

 It is quite common for leaders and executive coaches to educate and influence constituents on topics that have relevance for good performance and organizational functioning. Early in the quarter, you will form groups of 4 to 5, name your group, and pick an article via a lottery from the additional readings list. You will be assigned to present that article to the class orally on the date scheduled on the syllabus. You will have 20-25 minutes for your presentation. You may use Powerpoint to convey the key aspects of the article, or any other method that promotes student engagement and involvement in your presentation. Consider your colleagues as your business constituents and use your skills as orators and scholars of leadership to enlighten them on the key concepts discussed in your article. Be prepared to present: 1. A thorough discussion of the key premises/main concepts in your article 2. Why that topic is important in our understanding of leadership 3. Relevant research findings on your topic 4. Organizational implications of your topic (i.e., why should we care?) 5. An application of aspects of your article to an actual organization 

This is a team project, i just need finish one part of the presentation, my part is question 2 (Why that topic is important in our understanding of leadership). I need you help me do 2 slides, and do a 300 words paper(speech draft) for presentation.