Advertising Campaign Analysis

Research Essay (3,000 words) and Presentation (10-12 min.)

For your final project you will write a 3,000 word (approximately 10 pages) analysis of a contemporary advertising campaign that engages with consumer-based politics, e.g., ethical/socially-conscious consumption, “feminist” products, environmental sustainability, or labor activism. You will write a research paper examining the cultural, political, economic, and historical functions of your chosen campaign. Your research paper will use and reference multiple ideas and concepts from the course readings to inform your analysis. It should have strong thesis statements, quality organization of evidence, and sound application of the theoretical concepts studied throughout the semester. Below are some example prompts of different aspects to cover in the paper.

You will also give a 10-12 minute presentation summarizing your campaign analysis. PPT and audio/visuals are often helpful, but not required.

The Campaign:
What is the name of company, brand, and/or product?
What agency/agencies created the campaign?
When did the campaign start/run?
On what media channels did/does the campaign run?
What is the key message of campaign?
Who is the target market?

How do people use the product in everyday life?
What are the cultural assumptions the campaign makes?
What kinds of emotional connections with consumers does the brand/company rely upon?
How does the brand connect to individual identity or social acceptance?

What is the annual revenue and business model?
How often to people buy it and how much does it cost?
Are there other companies with which the campaign partners?

Does the product have any causes or social issues it supports?
Has the company been the target of regulations, fines, or other federal government sanctions?
What kinds of laws have been made encouraging, limiting, or protecting the product’s use?

How has the brand or campaign developed and changed over time?
Has the brand/product/company been bought and sold by other companies?
When did it start and how did it become what it is today?

Your profile must be uploaded as a .docx or .pdf format to Canvas by the deadline, correctly cited using MLA, APA, or Chicago, grammatically correct, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point New Times Roman with your name, the date, and the course section number (i.e., MAC209A/B). Before uploading your file to Blackboard it must be labeled in the following manner: MAC209A/B-YourLastName-ResearchEssay.docx or .pdf.

If you have a PowerPoint for your presentation, that may also be uploaded to Canvas.