1. Accurate answers to the questions demonstrating knowledge of legislative and regulatory provisions and applying problem solving skills.

2. Answers are justified by clear reference to the relevant facts, identify logical assumptions you have made about the facts in answering questions.

3. Arguments and information are clearly and logically presented.

4. Demonstrated understanding of principles and values of a registered migration agent. You Have Just Commenced Work As A Registered Migration Agent With A Large Migration Agency. Your employer wants you to explain the following in plain English, in a letter of advice to a client: 

 1. The implications of the decision of ARJ17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] FCAFC 98 (case attached) in terms of the policy that prohibited persons who are held in immigration detention from having mobile phones or sim cards

.2. The principles of statutory interpretation (if any) that were employed by the judges in arriving at their decision.