The ultimate goal of teacher leadership is to inspire change—change within the profession and change within yourself. To be successful in your role of teacher leader, you must understand and be able to articulate what the intended outcomes of your position are meant to be. Start with the end in mind, and think about what your role as a teacher leader is meant to offer. The answer will not be the same for each of you, so you will need to dive deeper into this understanding in order to bring clarity to the role you will serve.

Using an Online Library (in addition to other credible sources online or at your local library), conduct research on the history of teacher leadership, and present your findings in a format that will justify the role of teacher leaders in education along with the value it will bring to the greater good of our educational systems.

Your paper should include the following:

Ø  How will your new role as a teacher leader redefine learning, impact student achievement, and redefine schools?

Ø  Present your perspective on the role of teacher leaders in education on the overall learning culture based on your review of the literature. 

A minimum of six sources must be used in combination with relevant, personal examples to support your response. These sources can be from the annotated bibliography you submitted in Unit III.  

Your paper must be a minimum of six pages, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. Use citations and references appropriately in APA style to support your statements.