A Letter Of Inquiry

This assignment is due tommorrow morning on Jan.20. Please complete on time. Use the format I attached exactly. Write a letter of inquiry to a utility company, a safety or health care agency, or a company in your town, and ask for a brochure or an annual report describing its services to the community. Be specific about your reasons for requesting the information. (choose one)

Please see the example from attachments.

here is description of inquiry letters which can help you write better.

  1. Inquiry letters ask for information about a product, service, or procedure. Busi- nesses frequently exchange such letters. As a customer, you, too, have occasion to ask in a letter about a special line of products, the price, the size, the color, and delivery arrangements. The clearer your letter, the quicker and more helpful your answers are likely to be. Note that it follows these five rules for an effective inquiry letter:
    • It states exactly what information the writer wants.
    • It indicates clearly why the writer must have the information.
    • It keeps questions short and to the point.
    • It specifies when the writer must have the information.
    • It thanks the reader.