7 Quick Questions

1.How do the five stages of group development play out in your Learning Team? (75 words at least)

2.Identify the kinds of communication that occur, the frequency, and what connotations each kind carries. Answer the following: (150 words at least)

-What constitutes the need for a text message versus an e-mail, versus a phone call?

-What happens when team members prefer different communication channels?

-Do teams begin to use emoticons at one stage of interaction and not at another, or share files one way when working with a new group and another way when norms are well established?

-How do cultural differences affect communication preferences?

-What patterns emerge after this analysis?

3.Why are meeting objectives important? (75 words at least)

4.What are some advantages and disadvantages of teams? (75 words at least)

5.What is the significance of being part of a team? (75 words at least)

6.How might constructive disagreement or conflict help prevent groupthink? (75 words at least)

7. Explain strategies for maximizing team effectiveness using the 7 factors below. (75 words at least)


Political Forces

Social historical forces

Historical Legacy of inclusion

Historical Legacy of exclusion

Psychological Dimension

Compositional Diversity