1.  question 10   (150 words to 200 )

Baroque vs. Renaissance

Respond in writing to the following questions after reading your text and viewing the Web Assignments.

Compare and contrast two works from the Italian Baroque period with two works from the Renaissance. Be sure to note the appearance in the works of the defining characteristics from each period.

Discuss why artistic expression shifted from the restrained stoicism of the Renaissance to that of the heightened emotion in the religious and other works of the Baroque.

4.  DISCUSSION 12   (150 TO 200 WORDS)

Burke and the Sublime
Watch this School of Life video on Burke.

If you can’t see this video, click here: 

Respond in writing to the following questions after reading Chapter 12 and viewing the video above.

Explain Burke’s theory of the sublime.
The sublime inspired many artists and thinkers of the Romantic era. Which two or three landmarks from the chapter most embody this theme?

1.  DISCUSSION 13 (150 TO 200 WORDS)

Controversial Art
Watch the video below and then do some research on your own.
Manet – Déjeuner sur l’herbe – click


Respond in writing to the following questions after doing some research on controversial art and watching the video above.

Viewers of Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe initially responded to its public display by attacking the canvas with their umbrellas. Why?

What kind of art has evoked a comparable response in our own time? Do some research online. Find a recent work of art that caused controversy. Summarize the reasons for the controversy and your reaction to it. Try not post the same article as someone else. (This board is not POST FIRST, so you will be able to see what others have posted right away.)   If you can, attach a picture of the image you are describing to your posting.

4.   DISCUSSION 14 (150 TO 200 WORDS) 

World Wars and the Arts

  1. What did the literature, the visual arts, and music portray about the two world wars? Provide three examples that demonstrate the Wars’ influence and impact.

1.   DISCUSSION 15 (150 TO 200 WORDS) 

Favorite work 

What is your favorite work of art studied in this class? It could be music, literature, art, sculpture, architecture, etc.