400 Word Case STudy

See Attached Case Study Instructions and Case study See attached 2 QUestion in the attached Case STudy Instructions. 400 words! Must have Biblical Intergration and at least 5 Sources. 

This case involves a fictitious company, D-Bart Industries, formed by the merger of Davis Manufacturing and Bartlund Technologies, 2 former rivals in the fabrication of precision parts used in medical equipment and airline manufacturing. The exercise requires analysis and application of various strategies utilized during downsizing and the use of performance appraisals in the decision-making process. In 4 Pages answer the following 2 questions (SEE ATTACHED CASE STUDY)

1. What should Howell do? How should D-Bart make reduction decisions when performance appraisal documents are inaccurate?

2. How can D-Bart improve its performance appraisal process?

Points Possible

All key components of the Case Study prompts are answered.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 20 (20%)

There is a clear, logical flow to the assignment.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 10 (10%)

Major points are stated clearly.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 10 (10%)

• A title page is included.

• A references page is included.

• At least 4 scholarly sources (plus the textbook) are included.

• Clear and relevant biblical integration is included.

• A thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts) is included.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 20 (20%)

Proper spelling and grammar are used.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 10 (10%)

Required page count (at least 3 pages, not including the title and references pages) is met, and the assignment is double-spaced and in current APA format (title page, citation formatting, reference page & formatting of references, headers, etc.)

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 15 (15%)

Brings clarity to issues being discussed and relates issues to the textbook and scholarly sources.

Points Range: 0 (0%) – 15 (15%)