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Discussion-1 450  words (topic : Log File Auditing  ):

APA Format, need References

You are developing a Windows auditing plan and need to determine which log files to capture and review. You are considering log files that record access to sensitive resources. You know that auditing too many events for too many objects can cause computers to run more slowly and consume more disk space to store the audit log file entries.

Answer the following question(s):

If computer performance and disk space were not a concern, what is another reason for not tracking audit information for all events?

Discussion-2 450  words (topic : Backup Strategies ):

APA Format, need References

Assume you are a security professional. You are determining which of the following backup strategies will provide the best protection against data loss, whether from disk failure or natural disaster:

  • Daily full server backups with hourly incremental backups
  • Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) with periodic full backups
  • Replicated databases and folders on high-availability alternate servers

Answer the following question(s):

Which backup strategy would you adopt? Why?

Two Assignments (  each one minimum 3 pages content):

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