4-3 Project One

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Research Question




Research Question


Why do Astronomers believe that the world is continuously expanding? How did they come to this conclusion?


When scientist talk of expanding Universe, they mean that since the beginning of the Universe with the Big Bang, it has been growing ever since. In other words, galaxies found outside the world tend to move away from us, while the galaxies farthest away are moving the fastest. Based on the scientist’s reasoning, then regardless of the galaxy that one might be in, the rest of the galaxies are moving away from you. According to Conlon et al. (2017), galaxies move in space and not through space. The Universe lacks a centre, and everything tends to move away from everything else found in the Universe. The first idea about the expanding Universe was formulated by Edwin Hubble in 1925.in his work, “He proved that there is a direct relationship between the speeds of distant galaxies and their distances from Earth.” The concept was later named the Hubble’s Law. Hubble telescope used in making observations was also named after him. Hubble constant which is the “the single number that describes the rate of the cosmic expansion, relating the apparent recession velocities of external galaxies to their distance” (“What does it mean when they say the universe is expanding?”, 2020) was equally named after him.


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