300 Peer Questions


  1. Respond to 2 different students with one or more of the following:
    1. A link that brings in new information or helps the student you’re responding to
    2. A substantial question (not, “what do you think?”)
    3. A  politely worded critique that shows either a flaw in your classmate’s logic, misunderstanding of the data, or a failure to fully answer the questions
    4. A politely worded reply to any of the above.

Diamond’s Post


Main force:

Divorce is my key force in this research project. While breaking down this project into segments. I decided to have married/divorced patients. These patients will be in 2 set of groups.


Number 1 group will be married couples; age 30-50, has kids, was married for 2-5 years and has a full-time job.

Number 2 group will be divorced couples; age 30-50, has kids, was married for 2-5 years and has a full-time job.


I am researching the qualitative methods.

These patients will go through interviews that include questions. All the questions from the interviews will be the same. For each group there will be 2 different interviews.

Number 1 group will be asked questions that include (the first year in their marriage). Then the next interviews questions will be present. (today)

Number 2 group will be asked questions before their divorce. Then the next interviews questions will be present. (After the divorce).


Training Experience:

A trained therapist will find the results through the answers. The implications of this study are each interview answers could be similar or different from both groups. This study will show (what leap up to all group decided to fill for divorce.)

What form of qualitative data will be used during the observations?  How will performance be measured?

Qualitative data can be observed and recorded. This data type is non-numerical in nature. This type of data is collected through methods of conducting natural groups.( Neuman, W. L. (2017). Understanding research


Testing Methods:

Also, there are several ways to segment qualitative methods. For this study, qualitative method into narrative or case study.( Neuman, W. L. (2017). Understanding research


Conclusion: This research proposal understands that couple’s go through hardships. If we show each group of married couples their problems. While giving them helpful resources and solutions.   Each person can be responsible for saving their marriage.  Each person will have a chance to learn more deeper about the other partner.  Creating a loving home and strong healthy marriage. This study is to show these couples to identify their problems by working through them.  while communicating and listening to trained professionals. This research proposal can work with couples around the world to end divorces.



Shannoe Post


The affects and advertisement on our food purchases is an influence some of aren’t even aware of. From commercial ads that appeal to the youth to ads that appeal to the health guru all the way to how a floor display is set up all have an impact on what we purchase. The way an ad may come across showing us how much protein is in a breakfast bar is enough to go out and purchase it without looking at how high the sure and sodium intake is. The way an ad has the power to put Disney Frozen characters on yogurt and we are now out buying it for our two year old with no idea what is even in the food. Floor models and displays have the same power as an ad. Knowing where and what height and dimensions believe it or not makes or breaks a majority of the purchases off of the display. Another influence is brand, this is not just the food label but the super markets themselves. We see a commercial that our favorite celebrity is now in an ad for Safeway and although we have never shopped there and have no idea what it’s like we now only buy from this super market. The same can be said for food label packages, just because Beyoncé shared a milk ad we go out and purchase it not even knowing if she ever even tried it, we are just taking the ad at face value. We can easily be influenced when it comes to being a consumer in the food market. It is important to do your research and not shop based on brand and appeal. A package can sure look good and be appealing while the inside is waiting to destroy your health.