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  3. A  politely worded critique that shows either a flaw in your classmate’s logic, misunderstanding of the data, or a failure to fully answer the questions
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Jasmine Elagha

Article Citation:  Kohl, H. W., & Cook, H. D. (2013). Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School. National Academies Press. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK201504/#sec_020

Textbook Citation: Neuman, W. L. (2017). Understanding research. New York, NY: Pearson.

Topic:  The article I chose for this week’s discussion focused on Educating the Student body and bring physical activity and physical education into the school system. The purpose of this study was to shine light upon the importance of physical activity in relation to health. The study implies that higher educational achievement and years of schooling are both indicators of a better health status. It also suggests that physical activity have a positive influence on brain function and cognitive processes.

Ethical Conduct Categories: The textbook discusses ethical principles for research with humans. There are several ways in which a participant can be harmed; physical harm or bodily injury, great emotional distress or psychological harm, legal harm and damage to a person’s career, reputation, or income (Neuman, 2017). Physical harm basically means, never intentionally cause physical harm to participants. This means you need to do your research and anticipate risk, safety, and concerns. It is important to screen participants for health conditions and determine who are suitable. Psychological abuse can associate with stress or low self-esteem. Participants that are placed in realistic situations may be subjected to high anxiety, discomfort, or embarrassment must have a legitimate purpose. Legal harm means that the researcher is responsible for protecting participants from an increased risk of arrest. As a researcher, you are morally and legally responsible reporting any illegal activity while collecting data.

Ethics Applied: I believe that the researchers met ethical standards due to the systematic approach that was taken. Strategies were explicitly designed to focus on interaction and interconnection between and among a variety of sectors within communities and individuals.  As part of the systems approach, the alignments of sectors the local education sector organized committees that included school board members, superintendents, principles, administrators and coordinators of curricula to review a series of federal guidelines, state laws, district policies, and school and classroom policies and practices. The impact of this set of guidelines, laws, policies, and practices.

Made Me Think: This article made me think of how much time it would be to conduct a study within a school system. There are several factors that come into play and now I find myself contemplating the approach I want to take for my research project. This week’s assigned readings provided me with a clear perspective on how important it is to protect participants and myself as a researcher in a study.


Article Citation:

Abadi, M. E. H., Bakhti, M., Nazemi, M., Sedighi, S., & Toroghi, E. M. (2018, November 1). Directory of Open Access Journals. Retrieved from https://doaj.org/article/c704ff8cc5664cbfb632dca646af5aec

Book Citation:

Neuman, W. L. Understanding Research. [MBS Direct]. Retrieved from https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780205925322/


The topic of this article relates directly to my research topic question as it discusses the relationship between personality and substance abuse. This study was constructed to investigate the role of personality traits in the drug type used by addicts. For the study, 100 addicts attending drug rehabilitation centers based on several different criteria’s including, literacy, consent, drug abuser status based on diagnostic and statistics manual of mental disorders. There were also selected five classes of drugs selected as well as the drug type and method of use within the past six months in comparison to the standard evaluation of personality traits. The outcome of the study demonstrated that addicts have personality traits which cause the drug addicts response to environmental events to be different than those of non-addicted persons. The greatest finding of this research was that paying attention to the traumatic personality background can increase the accuracy of treatment interventions and help prevent drug abuse recurrence which is quite similar results to the article I researched from last week’s discussion.

Ethical Conduct Categories:

The ethical category that this falls into per our text would be the discussion of requirements when conduction human research, such as voluntary participation and receiving informed consent to protect the participant and researcher during their study. (Neuman, 2017). This article shares in the ethical category within the method for this study the inclusion criteria for the research included: literacy, participant consent, and the individual being categorized as a drug abuser based on the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. (Abadi et al., 2018).

Ethics Applied:

Ethics were applied in this study because the patients information was protected in this study under HIPAA, as well as the process that was utilized to receive consent where the researcher introduced himself to the patients, explained the purpose of the study, and then if the patients decided they wished to participate in the research, a clinical interview was performed upon the patients consent.

“Made me think”:

This unit and our text made me realize the importance of ethics within a study where I really never made it a point to specifically look for the link to ethics within a study. Now that I am aware of this information, I will be sure to look for it in future research studies, as well as incorporate what I have learned from this unit in the ethical categories into my own research studies. The ethics presented in this study makes me think about how I want to apply the same considerations and ethical conduct to my own research project by being clear and concise on the purpose and process of the study to the participants with their consent to the process.

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