2-4 Pages Reflection Cohesive Doc For Business

2-4 pages, MUST use subheadings given in the assignment instructions attached. Please use APA citations and References

In this week’s Professional Reflection, you will review the week and document your learning. You will build upon that to examine how managers establish criteria, sometimes called key performance indicators, that will enable them to effectively gauge employee performance in a transparent and equitable manner.

To prepare for this week’s Professional Reflection

· Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially

· Ahmed, I., Sultana, I., Paul, S., & Azeem, A. (2013). Employee performance evaluation: A fuzzy approach. International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management62(7), 718-734.

· Behn, R. D. (2003). Why measure performance? Different purposes require different measures. Public Administration Review63(5), 586-606.

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· Das, R. (2016). Creation of measurable goals. Human Capital20(5), pp. 44-45.

· Forward Focus. (2016). Constructive feedback for managers: Giving feedback effectively [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi5UfSIf0BM

· Horstman, M. (2016). The effective manager. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

· Chapter 7, “Talk about Performance—Feedback” (103–126)

· Chapter 8, “Common Questions and Resistance to Feedback” (127–140)

· Chapter 9, “How to Start Delivering Feedback” (141-146)

· Jacobs, M. (2016). The wrong key performance indicators can drive the wrong behavior. EHS Today9(7), pp. 12–15.

· Pillai, H. K. (2016). The planning of performance. Human Capital19(10), 40–41.

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· Unilytics. (2014). A better way to establish and measure key performance indicators [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKe1qX4lkpY

· Document: Professional Reflection Assignment Instructions

· Review this week’s Discussions.

· Reflect on your own experiences with performance reviews and performance indicators at your job.

· Does your organization clearly define how employees are measured?

· How does this impact your ability to perform your job?

· How does it impact your working relationship with your manager? If you are a manager, how does having (or not having) a clear set of performance criteria impact your ability to supervise your staff and provide constructive feedback?

To complete the Professional Reflection Assignment, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

· Summarize the three most important items that you learned from your Discussion and the resources this week. Explain why they stood out to you and how you will apply what you have learned into your work as a manager. Be specific and provide examples.

· Focusing on your current job (or a position you have held previously), summarize the main criteria by which you were evaluated, if you know. If this is (or was) not clear to you, what criteria would you suggest be used to fairly and accurately measure the quality of your work? As part of your summary, include:

· How did (or could have) your manager gathered evidence and data in support of the assessment of your performance?

· Assess how this experience helped you improve your performance.

· Based on all of this week’s resources, summarize what you learned that changed or broadened your thoughts about feedback performance.

· Summarize the types of performance feedback that you anticipate you will need to provide in your role as a manager, including:

· How you will prepare for and deliver feedback to ensure that it is constructive.

· How you will prepare and deliver negative feedback so that it is effective and fair.

· Imagine yourself as manager, and that you recently took over a new department in your organization. You are charged with delivering a new service that has been added to the portfolio. Some of the work your employees will do is similar to what they have been doing, but they will also have new responsibilities. To successfully manage your new team, you have been asked to define a set of key performance indicators (success criteria) for your employees. Develop a plan that outlines the specific steps that you will take to determine what kinds of criteria and measures will tell you what you need to know, including:

· What you will specifically need to consider in defining the criteria.

· People with whom you might need to talk.

· The types of information that you will need to have. Assess the types of measures (metrics) that you could use.

· How you will account for differences in your team members (the diversity in your team).

· How you will ensure that what you are measuring matters and will help you determine if your team is contributing to the organization’s goals.

· How you will communicate your expectations to your team.

Be sure to support your Professional Reflection using this week’s readings or other credible and relevant resources.

General Guidance: your Professional Reflection submissions will typically be 2–4 pages in length.

For the Week 7 assignment, use the following subheadings below for the submission. Make sure that you read the entire assignment early this week (Week 7) to understand the items and to give yourself time to write and proofread your work. I modified the items a tad below to give you clarification on them.


Title page

Summary of three (3) most important items that you learned and discussed from Week 7 

Performance Feedback process

List of main criteria used to evaluate your performance in current job

List of items and data that provide evidence and support your performance in current job (for review by manager)

Your assessment of your last performance feedback discussion with your manager

Changes you would make for next performance feedback discussion with your manager

Your role as a manager and performance feedback

Your preparation to deliver positive feedback to an employee when in a management role

Your preparation to deliver negative feedback to an employee when in a management role

Developing a new team and a new service

Your detailed process to develop performance indicators (success criteria) for new team members (note: look at the full assignment for all of the items to address in this item.)