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Frequently Asked Questions

I will need all the help I can get on this one!  I’ll pay a little extra if I have to.





Reflection Paper Instructions

In Module/Week 5, you will be required to submit a paper in which you assess the Health Belief Model (HBM) in light of biblical principles. Your paper must be between 2–3 pages (before the Bibliography & Title Page).


Each of the following sections must begin with the heading that is provided below in bold type.

1.      HBM Overview

Provide a detailed overview of the HBM.  Make sure to briefly address the six constructs of this model.  (Please remember to cite your sources in the paper as well as the Bibliography.)


2.      Value Expectancy

Explain why the HBM is considered to be a value expectancy theory.  Make sure to discuss the 2 variables of a value expectancy theory and their impact on the process of goal-setting.


3.      Biblical Application

Identify one of the six constructs of the HBM which you believe aligns with scripture.   Make sure to include scriptural support with your rationale.  (Please note that simply making comparisons between scripture and good health or proper stewardship of one’s body is not adequate.  You need to show a specific correlation between a construct and scripture.)


4.      Biblical Contrast

Identify one of the six constructs of the HBM which you feel does not align with scripture. Make sure to include scriptural support with your rationale.  (Please note that an answer such as “I do not believe there are any variables which contrast scripture” will not be accepted.)



Formatting Requirements

One point will be deducted for each formatting error.

a.    Font must be Times New Roman in 12-point pitch for entire paper

b.   Margins must be set at one inch — no indentions!

c.    Provide a Title Page (in current APA or AMA format).

d.   The body of your paper must be double-spaced.

e.    Include provided Section Headers

Reference Page Instructions

The following examples are taken from APA style writing. You can find more tips and examples at


  1. Start a new page when you have completed your paper. (This page is not included in the required page count.)
  2. Center the title “References” at the top of the page.
  3. List your references in alphabetical order by Author.
  4. Continue double-line spacing.


Book by a Single Author:

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher.

Gutierrez, B. (2010). After Three. Bel Air, MD: Academx Publishing.


Book by Multiple Authors:

Early, D., & Wheeler, D. (2010). Health and Fitness. Bel Air, MD: Academx Publishing.


Edited Book, No Author:

Duncan, G. J., & Brooks-Gunn, J. (Eds.). (1997). Consequences of growing up poor. New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation.


Periodical Articles:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of articles. Title of Periodical, volume number (issue number), pages.

Harlow, H.F. (1983). Fundamentals for preparing journal articles. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 55, 893–896.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.

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  1. APA. Word count for each answer should be 200 words
  2. Book reference

Martocchio, J.J. (2013). Strategic compensation: A human resource management approach (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


Unit I

Why is strategic compensation important for the long-term success of a company? Provide detailed steps that company should take to create a long-term strategic compensation plan.


Select and describe three laws that impact strategic compensation plans.


Unit II

Choose three external compensation forces and explain their influence on the design and execution of an organization’s compensation strategy.

Three external compensation forces are laws, labor unions, and market forces.


What actions can an organization take to link employee performance measurement to identified business goals? Describe specific steps, and how they connect pay for performance.


Unit VI

Identify and explain the disclosure requirements for executive compensation as established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Using an Internet search engine, look up an executive compensation disclosure report for a company of your choice and provide a link to that information into the response box. Indicate the specific dollar amount for each SEC required category. Make sure you identify and explain any descriptions under other compensation.


Unit VII

You are the human resources manager for a small technology company. Currently you have 50 regular full-time employees. The CEO wants to add additional staff to complete a project, but is not comfortable with hiring the ten people that are needed for the project all at once as full-time employees. Based upon your knowledge of contingent and alternative work arrangements, what would you suggest to the CEO? Draft a memo to the CEO explaining your recommendations. Make sure you justify your reasons as to why you chose the options you selected. You will need to cover ten full-time positions using contingent workers.


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Business Analysis Databases

  • Using the Cybrary databases below, obtain and review business research reports on the company examined in Unit 1.
  • Save copies of the reports as you will need to be able to refer to them during the remainder of the course.
  • Hoovers Pro (D&B): A database of over 14,000 capsules offers profiles of individual companies, with links to news, lists, stock quotes and 4,000 full profiles. Searchable by company name, individual surnames, key words, and ticker symbols. Full Text.
  • First Research (D&B) First Research is an industry intelligence company, offering its reports through the Hoover’s platform. Industry intelligence available includes: First Research Industry Profiles that cover more than 600 industry segments; First Research Industry Profiles include industry overviews, which provide a brief summary of the key players and outline the landscape of an industry; and call prep questions designed to help users engage prospects and clients in discussions about their business issues and challenges.
  • Business Source Complete (EBSCO): Business Source Complete offers full text coverage in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, finance and economics. Additional full text, non-journal content includes market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles and SWOT analyses.

Media and Public Relations Databases

  • Using the Cybrary databases below, search for stories and articles on the company relating to strategic human resources topics (e.g., employee or labor relations, human capital management, compensation and benefits, diversity, affirmative action, outsourcing, downsizing, employment law matters, etc.) published in the last 12 months. Save copies of the articles as you will need to be able to refer to them during the remainder of the course
  • Newsstand (Proquest) Proquest Newsstand offers access to full text of over 1,300 newspapers. The collection includes national newspapers.
  • Regional Business News (EBSCO) Regional Business News provides full text for more than 80 regional U.S. and Canadian business publications.

Step 2: Corporate Social Media In-Depth Review

Review the selected company’s presence on at least 8 corporate social media channels, paying particular attention to human resources issues or topics. Consider a diverse range of social media channels, including video sites, blogging sites, photograph-sharing sites, and more.

Step 3: Assessment of the Company’s Human Resources Posture

Based on analysis of information obtained in Steps 1–3, prepare a professionally written report assessing the company’s current human resources posture, suitable for presentation to the senior executives of the company. Your report should present your assessment of the human resources areas listed below. The body of the report should be 8–10 pages excluding title, references page(s), and any appendices.

  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Business Leadership and Strategy
  • Diversity
  • Employee Relations
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Organizational and Employee Development
  • Talent Management
  • Technology

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Unit VIII Assessment Questions Chapter 16, 17 & 18 Reading – Human Resource Management



Question 1: Compare and contrast the considerations that need to be made when appraising an expatriate’s performance and a local employee’s performance.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.



Question 2: Discuss what government tools are available to help small businesses with risks relating to laws, litigation, and safety?

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.


Question 3: Discuss how the Internet has made it possible for small businesses to compete with large businesses concerning human resource related matters.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.


Question 4: Describe the types of unsafe conditions that are the primary focus of OSHA standards. Explain how these standards are enforced by OSHA.

Your response must be at least 200 words in length.


Note: please use in-text citation


Course eTextbook


Dessler, G. (2015). Human resource management [VitalSource Bookshelf version] (14th ed.). Retrieved from

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